Participants bet on themselves in new weight loss challenge

One of the 108direct FitPot Challenge winners (Photo contributed)
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By Latrishka Thomas

Betting on one’s self took on a new shape as 34 individuals embarked on a four-week fitness challenge to lose four percent of their weight.

The 108direct FitPot Challenge brought several residents together during the month of August where losing weight was incentivised.

Organiser Kamaria Samuel told Observer that the idea originated “when I wanted to lose some weight and I thought maybe if money was an incentive it would help”.

After doing some research, Samuel said she realised that the activity could be of great benefit to many.

The programme was then created where persons could use their own unique exercise and dietary preferences to meet a goal and earn money if it is met.

The 34 participants had to contribute $20 each, bringing the Fitpot total to $680.

The Fitpot was then divided amongst the persons who ‘won’ – lost four percent of their weight.

Ten persons emerged winners in this challenge and therefore earned themselves three times the money they invested.

Samuels said that her favourite part of the experience was “watching the sizes go down and people developing a new attitude along the way”.

One of the winners, Sylvana Roberts, said that the challenge was just what she needed after gaining weight during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“After Covid and everything and I went on the scale I started to scream when I saw the figures,” she shared, noting that she is a stress eater.

She said that her regime included exercising twice a day and “cutting out chicken and eat mainly fish and salad”.

Roberts added that the support from the other challengers also led to her 16 pound weight loss.

The eldest of all of the participants, Malvarie Williams, shared similar sentiments as she explained that she was able to lose three pounds more than her goal.

She said that her one-month journey entailed, “going walking in the morning, going gym in the afternoon, and going to the stadium when I finish; cutting out rice, macaroni and bread”.

Williams said that for quite some time she was walking and not losing any weight but the challenge – despite being difficult – helped “because I had the group admin checking in with me regularly and giving advice”.

Both women said that they would encourage others to participate in the next challenge.

Now organisers say the incredible response to the programme has encouraged them to host another from October 1 to 28.

Interested persons can register between September 7 and 30. 

Sign-up will be available at or by calling 728-9232.

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