Parliamentarians lament lack of priority for OECS Assembly

source: file photo

Opposition Leader Baldwin Spencer and Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell have made a case for more importance to be placed on the OECS Assembly.

The assembly of the sub-regional parliamentarians met here on Thursday after being dormant for four years.

“We have to give more attention to the OECS Assembly. In some cases, I don’t think we have been giving the attention that we should,” the Grenada prime minister said.

Apart from the procedural matter of electing a Speaker and Deputy Speaker, the second meeting of the assembly debated one motion, calling on the OECS Parliament to take action on climate change.

The Grenadian prime minister said the limited agenda is also a demonstration that there needs to be more unity within the OECS.

“We need to unite more. Sometimes we take decisions and we don’t follow up with them,” Dr Mitchell said.

Opposition Leader Baldwin Spencer agreed that yesterday’s agenda could have been improved, but, he said, it should be looked at as a “relaunch”.

“I am glad to know we are back on track, and the idea is a relaunch to get going again and to make sure we have a more substantial agenda the next time around,” he said.

According to Spencer, once meetings are held consistently-twice a year- “we will be able to discuss a lot of those matters that are important to the OECS countries.

He said unity is also lacking among OECS countries. “In order for us to achieve our objectives in the sub region we have to do it together. There’s no escaping that”, he said,

Spencer said the lives of the people within the OECS will not be impacted by “these sessions”, adding “the people must be part and parcel of the process”.

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