Parliament denies Barbuda secession

Many Barbudans believe the island's land should stay in communal ownership
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A resolution to separate Barbuda from Antigua was voted out by MPs in Parliament today.

On Monday morning, ten government Members of Parliament (MPs) all voted not to start proceedings that would allow Barbuda to have a separate future from Antigua.

The government MPs did so in the absence of both opposition members – one of whom initially called for talks of secession.

Barbuda MP, Trevor Walker, a member of the Barbuda Council, had earlier written to the Cabinet secretary requesting to start the necessary steps to discuss a separate future for Barbuda and its people.

In the missive, the council said that the relationship between Antigua and Barbuda “isn’t working” and accused the government of using the island’s resources to bolster Antigua’s economy without benefit to its people. 

In parliament last Friday, Walker maintained that a separate future would be best to remedy the tensions between the island’s government, the Barbuda Council and the people who live on the island.

Although he said he did not expect the issue would be taken directly to parliament, he believed the time had come for the island to stand on its own.

But after three days of debate, the idea was declined by Parliamentarians, who overall thought the island was better off sticking with the mainland.

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