Parker: Match fees not paid for two years

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Midfielder and former captain of the senior national football team, Joshua Parker, has claimed he has not received match fees for two years.
The England-based player made the assertion during an interview on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, adding that the local governing body, the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) and the players had come to an agreement two years ago regarding match fees but said the body has not honoured the agreement in full.
“We spoke to the relevant people, an agreement was put in place and nothing has been done about it since but as we said, that is not even our biggest issue but that was just an example of a broken promise alongside the numerous ones with the friendlies where we were supposed to be playing this team and it failed because apparently there was no money. We have not been paid our match fees for two years because I am owed match fees for two years, which I don’t care about because I give most of mine away,” he said.
Parker also revealed that he has dialogued with the ABFA regarding the fees, adding there has been no movement since.
“The excuse is, because of the incident in Jamaica and until they find the culprit, we won’t get our match fees and that was the excuse I was given and that is, kind of, just a punch in the face for all of us because basically, that’s just an excuse not to pay us. There are people who are still owed from three or four months ago and I know it has a bigger impact on the local based players who have to take time off work and they have [children] to feed and a house to look after so that’s a big sum of money for them,” he said.
The player, along with another England-based player and goalkeeper, Brentton Muhammad, recently addressed a number of issues affecting the senior national team during a live interview on OBSERVER Radio.
Preparation of the team and coaching methods were the two main areas of concern for what they are saying is a “union of players” consisting of both local-based and overseas-based players.
The ABFA has opted not to respond to the claims.

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