Parker family trial adjourned again

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A power outage forced Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh to adjourn some of the cases scheduled for yesterday at the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court.

One such was the highly anticipated case of Hezekiah Parker Jr along with his parents Hezekiah Parker and Mary Cynthia Parker who have been accused of several serious crimes.

It was the second time the case has been adjourned this week; first on Monday and then on Wednesday.

On Monday, defense lawyers Lawrence Daniel and Sherfield Bowen presented a strong no-case submission on behalf of Hezekiah Parker Jr who has been charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition; his mother Mary Cynthia Parker, accused of maliciously damaging an officer’s shirt, as well as obstructing and beating investigating officers; along with Hezekiah Parker Snr who is charged with resisting arrest, obstruction and battery.

After the presentations by the two lawyers, the case was adjourned to Wednesday, whereupon the no-case submission was struck out.

Chief Magistrate Walsh said although she was moved by the lawyers’ submissions, she could not legally dismiss the matter.

The defendants were therefore read their options and the trial proceeded with Parker Jr who chose to give sworn evidence.

A teary-eyed Parker Jr gave his account of the incident which took place on December 11th, 2016.

The prosecution, however, claimed that the only difference between young Parker’s evidence and that of the police officers in question was the defendant saying he never had a gun.

The matter is now expected to resume on the afternoon of May 20th.

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