Parham FC set to host first election in over a decade

Former national striker and coach of the Parham team, Rowan “Three Fives” Isaac, is vying to become the club’s new president
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By Neto Baptiste

Parham FC, one of the country’s most successful top tier clubs, will be electing a new executive next week, marking the first time in over 15 years that the body will have an election.

The effort is being spearheaded by national striker and a longstanding member of the club, Trevaughn ‘Peter Redz’ Harriette, who said the anticipated meeting will take place next week.

“We met on the 30th of April and discussed a date for the elections. We have some persons who are vying for elected positions, so [the] election would be May 17th at the Parham Primary School,” he said. 

According to Harriette, a number of individuals have already been nominated for various posts to include former national striker and coach of the Parham team, Rowan ‘Three Fives’ Isaac who will seek to become the club’s new president.

Harriette, who has been sidelined by injuries, is hoping the club could get a fresh start.

“We flushed out the club to be honest, so persons who didn’t have direct information and the players’ real interest at heart, we flushed them out. We have a couple of new members, people with new ideas, people who want to see Parham Football Club improve and progress, so where we are now we are at a good spot.

“I think that after we get the elections out the door and people see we have a structure, an executive, then we will move forward in terms of getting sponsors and putting our page more active,” he said. 

Harriette, who has since turned his attention to the political arena and will contest the next general election as the UPP candidate for the St Peter constituency, revealed that registration of new members has been closed off ahead of next Tuesday’s vote.

“We have a set of persons now so we know how many persons are supposed to be allowed to vote, in the event that everyone shows up. We don’t want to have in influx of persons coming to register and … so we had a close off date which was last weekend, and after the elections, if anyone has any interest, and they like what’s carrying on, then they could come on board,” he said.

Current Member of Parliament for St Paul, EP Chet Greene, is the last known president for the Parham Football Club as, according to reports, he was appointed by then sponsor and St Peter MP Asot Michael well over 15 years ago.

Michael was also the club’s general secretary for many years.

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