Parham FC elections on ice after interim body told to seek permission

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National and Parham FC player, Tevaughn “Peter Redz” Harriette, is also the UPP candidate for the St. Peters constituency.
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By Neto Baptiste

Plans by an “interim body” to host elections to select a new executive to run the affairs of the Parham Football Club going into the 2022/23 domestic football season has hit a roadblock which has left those in charge unsure as to what will happen next.

This is according to one of the driving forces behind the efforts, Tevaughn “Peter Redz” Harriette, who said the meeting that was scheduled for May 17 had to be postponed after they were informed that the interim body does not have the authority to host elections as they had not received, in writing, permission from the sitting executive.

“We were really trying to bring some structure to the football team because for many years there has been no form of structure or no form of seriousness in place, and we have been trying to do that for the past two or three months. Many people who are involved are still very optimistic because they think something can be done. We just have to continue to reach out to him [Asot Michael] and hope he sees that the people of the community have interest in moving the football club forward,” he said. 

According to reports, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Trade, EP Chet Greene, is listed as the last known president of the Parham FC, while the Member of Parliament for St Peter, Asot Michael, is the general secretary.

Harriette is hoping that all parties could sit and resolve the issue.

“We are hoping the Mr Michael would relinquish the club and put it back to the community. We tried several times last week to get in contact with him to have a meeting to see the best way forward in dealing with things but, so far, we are having some serious problems,” he said.

Reports are that former national striker and coach of the Parham team, Rowan ‘Three Fives’ Isaac, will seek to become the club’s new president once elections are called.

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