Parham deny transfer claims

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Manager of the Asot’s Arcade Parham Football Club Lenroy Richards has sought to debunk claims that the defending champions had refused to sign releases requested by two players during a recent transfer window which ran from December 12-24 last year.
Midfielder, Randolph Burton and defender Dashawn Browne, had reportedly sought releases from the Parham FC in the Premier Division with intentions of moving to the lower tier with All Saints United.
The releases were however, only signed by Richards following the deadline for transfers. He has since been accused of deliberately holding the players to ransom.
This was denied by Richards when he recently spoke on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show. “I am not in the way of holding back people from going where they want to go; it makes no sense. When you hold them back and it’s time for them to play, what will happen? The last time that Etty [Randolph Burton] played was against Sap and I haven’t seen Dutty Mouth [Dashawn Browne] in Parham for weeks now and as I said, the last game Etty played, he came off the bench against Sap and that’s it,” he said. “I don’t understand how people going around and saying that we don’t want to give transfers when nobody ever came to the club for a transfer.
The first person I saw was Etty and I asked him what was happening and that I heard, by the wayside, he wants a transfer. He said he was not satisfied with what’s going on and so I said: If you’re not satisfied then why you don’t ask for the transfer?” the Parham manager added. Richards, who has been with the Parham outfit for many years, added that neither player had ever approached him requesting a transfer and that he heard it for the first time from a member of the All Saints’ executive who had called to request that he sign the forms.
“I’ve never had an issue with those two players yet, now or ever, so it’s nothing to do with me and them so when it comes to football, then football is football. If a player wants to move from Parham and come back, I have no issues,” he said.
The situation has sparked fresh debates over the current transfer procedure with some calling for the selection of a committee charged with overseeing difficult transfers.

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