Parents told to change their ways to help boys succeed

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Parents are being told they need to change their ways if boys are to catch up with the success of girls in education.
Professor of Gender, Social Change and Development at the University of the West Indies Professor Rhoda Reddock has studied extensively the issue of girls outperforming boys in school.

Reddock found in a 2010 study that 71 per cent of Antiguans and Barbudans enrolled in tertiary education were women – meaning less than 3 in 10 of Antiguans and Barbudans in university were men.
But President of the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers Ashworth Azille says the failure of boys cannot simply be pinned on outdated parenting practices.

Former Director of Education Jacintha Pringle says the different ways boys and girls are treated – does impact their education.

Meanwhile former teacher’s union president Vernest Mack is urging parents to get involved sooner with the child’s education.

Former teacher’s union president Vernest Mack…

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