Owner of vehicle in alleged hit and run seeks justice

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A woman whose vehicle was reportedly damaged during a hit and run claims she is being denied justice by the authorities.

The woman alleged that her right rear-view mirror was knocked off by a police officer while she was parked on All Saints Road.

According to her, the police officer was driving a white bus which hit her vehicle around 10:15 pm on Friday 12th April.

She said when the driver refused to stop, she followed the bus to the West Bus Station where she confronted the individual who denied hitting her vehicle or being in the area at that time. He however identified himself as a police officer.

The woman told OBSERVER media that despite making a formal report to the police, followed by numerous calls and visits to the St. John’s Police Station, her complaint is yet to be addressed and she has been dismissed on several occasions.

 “They are doing whatever they feel like and there is nothing I can do about it . . . I know if it was a civilian person they would have stopped and I would have gotten my vehicle fixed, but because it’s a police officer there’s no justice,” she said.

She said she even attempted to get footage from the gas station where the officer said he was at the time of the accident.

However, although the gas station agreed to give her the video evidence, when she returned a few days later she was denied the recording.

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