Over 30K Up For Grabs In Cool & Smooth T20 Explosion

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The Cool & Smooth T20 Explosion will, for a fifth straight year, put close to $40,000 in prize monies on the line when eight teams compete for top honours in the now popular competition planned for May 14-26 at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground.
This is according to one member of the organising team, Carl Joseph, who
said the winners of this year’s tournament will walk away with more than a tidy sum.
“The winning team gets $20,000; the runner up gets $10,000; the third place gets $5000 and the fourth place gets $2000. The first and second place teams in both zones will go on to the semifinals and the semifinals will happen on the 21st of May. The two losers in the semifinals will play for third place on the same day as the finals on May 26,” he said. 
Teams earmarked to participate in this year’s competition, Joseph said, have already started their preparations.
“They are practicing and they are practicing in their kits [uniforms]. The new kits have been ordered so they are practicing in the old ones and just getting a field marching towards the 14th so they are ready. I don’t think they have had any complaints to talk about other than worrying about whether or not the uniforms will be here. We had a meeting last week and Amir [Hourani] is on top of that so the uniforms will be here in advance so they can practice in the uniforms before so that won’t be an issue,” the promoter said. 
Fans will also be kept well abreast of the latest
happenings in the competition via numerous social media and messaging mechanisms.
“We are going to tweet, Instagram, we’re going to WhatsApp and we are going to send out Facebook notifications so starting this week you are going to be getting updates as to the teams, the players, the bios, the dates, the matches, the fixtures, the cost and everything so you will be getting alerts from various media on various topics concerning Cool & Smooth T20,” Joseph said.
“This year, we want to make it like a party because it leads into the carnival season so it makes sense to have a carnival feel leading up to it,” he added.
Defending champions, PIC Liberta Blackhawks, last year’s runners up, Burton’s Laundry All Saints Pythons, CUB Bethesda Golden Eagles, Pigotts Crushers, New Winthorpes Lions, Bolans, Empire Nation and Rising Sun Spartans will compete in this year’s competition.
Jennings and Montserrat have both been cut from the list of teams that competed in the 2017 edition of the competition.

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