Outlaws Stun Full Throttle, Crushers End On A Low Note

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HomeTech Systems Outlaws pulled off another big win on Saturday night at the JSC Sports Complex in the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA) Division 1 league.
The Outlaws, rallying in the fourth, snatched the much-needed victory away from Full Throttle who led by some five points with over a minute to go to win the match-up, 81-78.
A number of unforced errors cost Full Throttle the encounter despite a 29-point, five-rebound effort by Akeem “Chemist” Davis.
Warren Bogle assisted with 13 points and six rebounds while teammate and CBA player, Isaac Bragg chipped in with 11 points and five rebounds.
Brandon Williams (CBA player) and Yahshua Perez also of Full Throttle contributed with 10 points with Perez making five assists and Williams five rebounds and 10 assists.
Full Throttle ended their regular season campaign with a 3-14 record and will have to await the results of Freetown Travelers’ final two matches to know whether they will remain in the first Division for the upcoming season.
Kevin “Pumpkin” Roberts led the victors with a game high 31 points.
He was assisted by former national player, Jason London who had 24 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists.
Darius Richards also of Outlaws chipped in sinking 11 points and snatching 14 rebounds with teammate, Jamal
“Buffy” Williams contributing with 15 rebounds and three block shots.
Outlaws now hold a 7-9 record.
Yorks Crushers, despite pulling off a big win versus Outlaws last weekend, could not make it two in a row to end their campaign on a high note as they fell to Potters Steelers, 101-77.
CBA player, Joshua Minner led Steelers to a 10-6 record with 30 points and eight rebounds.
He was assisted by Benny Iko (CBA player) who had 28 points and 22 rebounds.
Felix Hamilton contributed with 16 points and six rebounds while teammates, Kenroy “Chicken” Telemaque and Adissa “Rass-I” Harris chipped in with 12 rebounds and eight assists.
Crushers’ Cohen DeSouza had 24 points and 18 rebounds with assistance from Nigel “Snarks” Joseph who had 20 points and six assists.
Kebo Orford contributed with 13 points in a losing effort.

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