Outhouse Racing

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Outhouse Racing is a fun and hilarious famous race event held in Michigan, USA where teams of four to five members create their own outhouses and race them down Main Street in Coopersville.

An outhouse is a small, enclosed structure that has one or two holes in a seat built over a pit that serves as an outdoor toilet. The outhouses made for the race are man-powered with two people on both sides. One person will ride while the other member will push, pull or drag the outhouse down the racetrack.

The outhouse races have been conducted since 1993. It’s always held on the last Saturday of February, bringing in 4,000 viewers. The contestants of the race build and design their respective outhouses and mount them on skis afterwards.

Important things needed to be included in the outhouse to be qualified to the race are a toilet seat, toilet paper rolls and skis.

Racers of the outhouse push their own outhouse 150 meters towards the finish line. There are different categories the locals of Michigan can join in – kids 6 y/o – 10 y/o ; kids 16 y/o – 20 y/o ; adults 21 y/o – 35 y/o ; adults 36 y/o – 49 y/o ; adults 50 y/o and up

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