Our best and brightest celebrated at 34th Annual CSEC awards

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Family members, teachers, principals, friends and the entire nation witnessed proudly, on Thursday, and celebrated with the current batch of high achievers as they received their accolades during the 34th Annual National CSEC Awards.

Featured speaker and Director of Law Reform and Special Legal Projects in the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Adlai Smith, encouraged the awardees to find their purpose in life.

“Your purpose is what drives you. Your purpose—it is said—is an excellent alarm clock. Every one of us tend to define our purpose in terms of ‘we want to be successful in life’ and everybody define success one way or the other.

“But I want to challenge you, in so far as your purpose is concerned, let it not be a situation where you are content with being an attorney or doctor, but aim to be the best you can uniquely be,” he said, adding that they must incorporate their unique characteristics into their lives and careers.

Giving an example from his own career as a prosecutor, Smith advised: “Find what is unique about you and try to incorporate you into your career.”

The Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Michael Browne challenged the students to fight for their dreams, despite the challenges ahead of them.

“Every single one of you has a dream. You may not have articulated that dream to anyone, perhaps you may have written it down,” he said. “Whatever dream you have, if it does not scare you, it is not big enough.”

Meanwhile, while making an inspiring presentation, Regional and National CSEC Student of the Year, Keondre Herbert said: “I believe that it is pertinent that we extend our appreciation to our teachers, who plant the seeds of knowledge, sprinkle them with love and patiently nurture their growth to produce tomorrow’s dream; we are tomorrow’s dream today,” he said.

He also had a personal message to his parents, saying that if they were proud of him on Thursday, “just wait.”

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