Original Flames collaborate as wounds heal

Clarence “Oungku” Edwards

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – After years of feuding and lyrical battles through their music, the original members of the Burning Flames band, brothers Clarence “Oungku” Edwards and Toriano “Onyan” Edwards, performed together at a concert on Friday night.

Last Friday, August 1, was the first time in almost 20 years that the brothers sang together. The event, dubbed Mash Flat and Let um Go, was held at the Yasco sports complex, which was renamed Dilly Dally Alley.

While careful not to describe the hour-long joint performance as a reunion, Leader of the Red Hot Flames “Oungku” Edwards, said the collaboration was two years in the making.

Both Burning Flames and Red Hot Flames played on the same stage in Florida in 2012 and again on October 31. But both times the bands played at separate times, not together.

Oungku said the brothers wanted to make it up to fans, who last October were disappointed that the much anticipated reunion did not happened.

“These people want nothing but to see everybody back together and when they didn’t get a taste of that back in (October), they became very disgruntled, saying things like we bad play them,” Oungku said.

“And I never like that kind of feeling … that’s the worst feeling ever.”

Oungkyu denied that it was a marketing stunt or that the motivation was financial.

“I hear people saying ‘some money man offer you all $2 million each to get back together,’” he told OBSERVER.

“No kind of money could get me to do something like that because it would not come out right.”

The Red Hot Flames front man would not speak about plans for future collaborations with the Burning Flames, but said that old wounds have been healing slowly.

“Time heal all wounds,” he said. “Out of the bunch, I think I might be the one who carry malice the longest, based on what injuries I personally believed were inflicted and vice versa. Somebody always feel they got the worst of it.

“But to come from that kind of climate to what it is now …”

Another brother, David “Krokus” Edwards, reportedly did not appear on stage Friday night.

OBSERVER media was unable to reach Onyan for his take on the collaboration.