Opposition’s reveal of ‘transformative agenda’ dubbed risky but prudent

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Though there are still two years before the next general election is due, political analysts have praised the United Progressive Party’s (UPP’s) manifesto-type presentation of a “transformative agenda”, arguing that it will generate debate and “galvanise support”.
These were the opinions of Trinidad-based political analyst Ansel St Hilaire and political analyst and pollster Peter Wickham.
St Hilaire admitted that there were “risk factors involved in playing your hand too early” but said, “I still think it is wise to make these announcements at this time. If they can galvanize the information with respect to how they plan to achieve the agenda then they are on the right path because that in itself will galvanise support.”
However, the political analyst warned, “Unless you can really articulate your intention, it will become a dead conversation.”
Wickham agreed, saying that the move by the Political Leader of the UPP and Senate Minority Leader, Harold Lovell, to present a body or policy proposals dubbed the UPP’s “transformative agenda” in the Senate last week was “highly risky politically”.
“When you are in opposition and you raise those kinds of proposals you can be subject to the government taking advantage of the fact that they are in office and they do better or come with better initiatives and implement them,” he said.
However, he said that the move was ultimately a strong one as the public more and more expects “political parties to come up with alternative ideas to initiate debates on the way forward for the country”.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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