Online testing to come onstream for driver’s licence

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A software system to facilitate online testing for prospective drivers is in the works at the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board (ABTB).

That is according to the General Manager of the ABTB, Hubert Jarvis, who said that “by year-end we would hopefully have it in place.”

He was responding to OBSERVER media’s queries about the status of the plan to launch the Drivers Licence Solution Software which was initially announced in late 2017.

Just this week, one overseas based citizen questioned whether the option was available since the ABTB has begun to enforce a policy which states that if the holder of an Antigua and Barbuda driver’s licence does not renew it within nine months of its expiration, the same would be cancelled and the individual have to redo the written examination in order to be issued a new licence.

That policy was also announced in 2017 but enforcement only commenced this year.

Jarvis noted that the software would facilitate the testing and accommodate residents and nationals abroad, and it would therefore make ABTB more efficient and effective.

Another benefit of the software, Jarvis added, is that it would remind holders of driver’s licences when their licences are due to expire to ensure they go in and get them renewed.

Jarvis said this is part of the ABTB’s effort to ensure that people renew their licences on time and abide by the law with regards to having a valid driver’s licence as long as the person is operating a vehicle.

The Transport Board official said more details would be made available after all the specific performance tasks are identified and the software is finalised.

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