One Nation Concert to unite cultures

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Under the auspices of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Antigua & Barbuda will be hosting the first ever One Nation Concert.
Minister of Culture EP Chet Greene described the show as a new concept and said that it is all about unity.
“It is a concept that we are working on; one nation. Antigua & Barbuda as you know is a kaleidoscope of nationalities and any programme that speaks to unity, having an appreciation for Antigua and our culture has to be good,” Greene said.
He added that this concept is designed to acknowledge the cultural diversity that can be found in the country so that those who are not native to Antigua & Barbuda can be comfortable in displaying their culture.
“The idea is to have a level of cultural diversity where it allows on the part of Antiguans and Barbudans an appreciation for those living among us so they can feel at home while displaying elements of their culture.
“The One Nation Concert will show the various genres and musical talents of those living here.”
The Festival minister stressed the need for cultural preservation of Antiguan culture despite the integration of various cultures that are present in the demography at this time.
“We are really on a path towards cultural rebirth and even though [there is] the CIP [Citizen by Investment Programme], our country must be strong so that even if persons from the CIP standpoint become citizens, they will know that they are coming to a space where there is a dominant culture — a culture to be respected and that the people of this country are determined and deliberate in the preservation of our culture.”
The minister said that as the concept grows, other nations will be represented in the lineup.
“It is a concept that has several different features that, over time, will be added. This year, we are bringing the musical side of things and you know we can’t bring all the nations that reside in Antigua & Barbuda but, over time, it will evolve into something big.”
The One Nation Concert will feature the original Burning Flames, Tian Winter, MnM Music, Claudette Peters and Queen Thalia out of Antigua & Barbuda; the original WCK from Dominica, Timeka Marshall of Guyana, Tall Pree of Grenada, DJ Siete from Santo Domingo, and Aidonia bringing the dancehall from Jamaica.
Admission is free and the event, which will be held at the Antigua Recreation Grounds, is scheduled to begin at 8 pm tomorrow.

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