ONDCP works to allay workers’ Covid-19 fears

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By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

The Director of the National Office of Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) said the agency is aware of the actions of workers who were reportedly refusing to resume duties due to a possible Covid-19 exposure at the workplace.

The ONDCP said that the organisation is working to allay those fears.

In a release issued to the media on Monday, head of the law enforcement agency Colonel Edward Croft noted that a range of measures, including the cleaning and sanitisation of the building, have already been set in motion to remedy the situation.

Observer was reliably informed, earlier on Monday, that several employees were refusing to enter the ONDCP building two weeks after a colleague had tested positive for the virus.

A source told our newsroom that workers who had been sent home for two weeks after confirmation of the positive case, but they refused to resume duties unless the offices have been cleaned and sanitised.

They also contend that only a small number of them had been tested following confirmation of the positive test, despite the employee having had access to multiple areas in the building.

The matter was further exacerbated by reports that a second person has tested since positive for the dreaded virus.

Colonel Croft said the organisation, through its Employee Relations Committee, has held a number of meetings with staff representatives and continues to work assiduously to ensure that their concerns are adequately addressed.

“To eliminate any contamination within the office environment, the ONDCP has employed the services of a reputable cleaning company which has undertaken sterilization of the building,” he noted.

The agency said it maintains close communication with officials in the Ministry of Health, who have provided guidance in relation to several issues including Covid-19 risk exposure, cleaning and disinfection.

“Accordingly, the agency will continue its initiatives within the coming week to ensure the safest possible working environment for our employees,” ONDCP communiqué said.

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