Olympic swimmer takes up coaching stint overseas

Karin Browne
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by Carlena Knight

[email protected]  

Olympian swimmer Karin Browne will turn her attention to the coaching aspect of the sport as she has joined the Waterloo Varsity swim team at the University of Waterloo in Canada as an assistant coach.

The news was revealed on the school’s Department of Recreation & Leisure Studies Facebook page on Saturday. 

Browne joined the university as a teaching assistant in 2021 and is now a facility associate.

She is also a course master’s student in Recreation and Leisure Studies (RLS) and her experience in RLS has been transformative, she said.

According to the accomplished swimmer, learning different theoretical and critical perspectives like critical theory, critical race theory and feminist theories has opened her eyes to new ways of seeing the world and helped her better understand her own lived experiences.

Moving forward, these insights will inform her work in developing, implementing, and evaluating aquatic and other recreational programmes.  

Her passion for swimming inspires her to pursue work and research that involves increasing access to aquatic programmes for Black, indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC) populations, particularly in Antigua, and for the Caribbean and African diaspora in Canada.

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