Officer of the court accused of targeting a rape complainant

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An investigation is being launched into the alleged actions of an officer of court after an alleged rape victim complained to the man’s boss that he made unwanted sexual advances to her when she turned to him for help with her case.
The official, who works in prosecution, has been accused of improper conduct in a recent letter to the organisation responsible for his employment.
Along with the letter of complaint, sources said the alleged victim also submitted records of conversations and photographs to support the report she made.
OBSERVER media has been investigating the matter for the past two weeks, but only recently, concrete evidence of the complaint was shared with our entity.
And, according to sources close to the matter, the accused man’s employer only wrote to him late last week, advising him of the complaint and an investigation which is to be launched.
The complainant wants the official to be removed from her case which is due for committal hearing in the Magistrate’s Court in early November.

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