Odebrecht, unresolved scandal

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Twelve months after an Antiguan government official was alleged to have accepted 3 million euros as a part of the Odebrecht international bribery scandal, a request for a public inquiry is still very much on the table.
This is according to Senator Shawn Nicholas, general secretary of the United Progressive Party (UPP). She said what is needed now “is for us to up the ante in terms of applying pressure” so that top ranking government officials see the need for the inquiry.
The senator also stated that a number of questions have been raised concerning the Odebrecht scandal, and in her opinion, the only way that names will be cleared, is if an inquiry is called.
Nicholas said that some people may believe that the Odebrecht scandal is a dead issue but because, in her view, the name of Antigua and Barbuda is at stake, the issue must come to a close.
The Movement, a local good governance advocacy group, initially made the call for a public inquiry when the news broke. The group has said that it wrote to the Integrity Commission on February 9, 2017 but to date no response has been received.
Odebrecht is a Brazilian-based global construction conglomerate that has been accused and prosecuted for bribery in several jurisdictions worldwide.

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