Now is the time to pursue higher education, students told

The University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus, Antigua. (Photo courtesy The UWI)
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Despite the various impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, Guild President at the UWI Five Islands Campus Caleb Gardiner doesn’t believe pursuing higher education will or should be placed on the proverbial back burner.

The economic fallout, along with logistical concerns from persons who must travel to go to university, are some of the issues that will likely threaten recruitment.

However, Gardiner said with different ways to maneuver these challenges, persons should still strive to take that step.

“I don’t think it will hinder pursuing a higher degree. As our Vice-Chancellor said, now is the time for you to capitalise on higher education and he also said we are facing a challenge that will prepare us for life. It’s all about adopting and it’s all about capitalising on the moment. So I would encourage people to come and to pursue a higher education.

“Although funds may be difficult there are different payment plans persons can access to pursue their education. You can come as a part-time student or full-time. If you are working you do part-time, you do three courses, full-time you do four or five courses per semester. So there are many ways persons can pursue higher education during Covid,” Gardiner said.

Addressing the challenges that came specifically with the shift to online learning, Gardiner added that going forward should be a bit easier, with the plans to record classes which will enable students to always have access to sessions they might have missed.

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