NODS urges tsunami preparedness

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By Latrishka Thomas

While noting that Greenbay, Gray’s Farm, Point and Villa Area are high-risk tsunami zones, the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) has begun the process of sensitising the residents ahead of any disaster.

The Director of NODS, Philmore Mullin spoke at length about tsunami safety during a meeting at the Multipurpose Cultural Center Wednesday evening, where he displayed a tsunami inundation map of St. John’s Rural West.

The map revealed and there are more at risk areas than there are safe zones in that area. Thus, Mullin revealed that measures will be taken to make differentiating between safe and non-safe zones easier but, more importantly, making safe zones easily identifiable in the case of a disaster.

“We have actually started putting on the tsunami impact zone signs in most of the communities. What we have not completed as yet is the permanent signs that will go in the tsunami safe areas,” Mullin said.

According to him, they have specifically begun canvasing the aforementioned areas because the “two communities have the largest population that are exposed and we want to examine all possible options that can save lives in respective communities.

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