NODS gives first peak a post-Irma spending

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The National Office of Disaster Services, NODS, has released what it is calling a preliminary report on spending in Barbuda following Hurricane Irma.
Two spreadsheet documents were circulated on Wednesday evening and they contain some spending details for the period ending April 30.
The documents provided by NODS breaks down the total money received for the period and how it has been spent.
NODS says that in total the government has provided some 13.7 million dollars for relief and reconstruction.
It states that in-kind donations amount to just over 2 million dollars while actual monetary donations are over 6.5 million dollars.
A grant from the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency – CDEMA – is also listed at 93 thousand dollars.
In total, the documents say that 22.5 million dollars in cash and in-kind contributions have been tracked by NODS. Meanwhile, some of the spending were broken down as follows.
833 thousand dollars has been spent on food, 160 thousand dollars has been spent on clothing, 1.5 million dollars on transportation, 1.3 million dollars for accommodation, another 9.5 million on construction, just under 2 million was spent on the clean up effort, and 3.7 million dollars has been spent on the Barbuda Council.
There are a number of other expenditures listed as well.
At Thursday morning’s post Cabinet press conference, NODS’ director, Philmore Mullin, said that tallying the figures was and continues to be a tedious task.

He gave another example of how donations in-kind are sometimes difficult to quantify in monetary terms.

NODS director Philmore Mullin.

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