NOC to move ahead of fencing investigation

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The National Olympic Committee (NOC) has been given the “go ahead” by its parent body, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to investigate claims that President of the Antigua and Barbuda Fencing Federation (ABFF) Kelesha Antoine, acted against the will of the federation when she seconded the presidential nomination of Neil Cochrane.
This is according to president, EP Chet Greene, who said the NOC is in receipt of a communique from the IOC, sanctioning the setting up of a tribunal to look into the matter. This, he added, comes after one NOC member and President of the Antigua and Barbuda Volleyball Association (ABVA), Wilbur Harrigan, had written to the IOC challenging the local body’s authority to do so. “I am pleased to report that his [Harrigan] thoughts are not shared by the IOC, who have written back to the NOC confirming that we should proceed as perthe decision by the general assembly to empanel the tribunal and to proceed with the investigation into the conduct of the president of the fencing federation,” he said.
Antoine reportedly seconded Cochrane’s nomination despite an alleged executive vote to support Greene. The IOC had previously written to Greene, asking that he submit a report on the matter. It was however, following the submission of the said report, that the IOC decision was reportedly reached. Greene however, did not delve into details, promising more information following an executive meeting this week. “I do not wish to say much on this because we only received the correspondence yesterday [Monday]. The Secretary General [Cliff Williams] is off island and the intention is to convene a board meeting as early as tomorrow [Wedesday] so that board members will have the benefit of the IOC correspondence before we speak publicly on the matter,” he said.
“Even in the midst of what’s happening now, there has to be a level of responsible behaviour and conduct,” Greene added. The NOC’s Annual General Meeting was adjourned in December, after confusion over the legitimacy of Cochrane’s nomination. Antoine has, so far, opted to remain silent on the matter.

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