NOC Presidential Hopeful Warns Of Potential IOC, PASO Fallout

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One presidential hopeful for the National Olympic Committee (NOC), Neil Cochrane, has warned that an unwarranted delay in the implementing and execution of recommendations from the joint International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO) delegation which visited Antigua in May, could have serious implications for the twin-island state.
Cochrane, whose nomination by the Antigua and Barbuda Fencing Federation (ABFF) had been blocked by the NOC and labelled “unconstitutional” by President E.P. Chet Greene, said that the NOC has been in receipt of the IOC/PASO recommendations for some time but they have failed to move the process  along.
“From where I sit, I think the relationship between IOC, PASO and Antigua is going south and going south very fast, and I am concerned that we may also put ourselves in a position where we could possibly get banned and I think that is a cause for concern from my perspective,” he said. 
Reports have indicated that the joint IOC/PASA findings had been conveyed in writing to the NOC, since June of this year, but that executive members were only made aware of its existence in August.
It is further reported that Greene has been querying some aspects of the email with both IOC and PASO unknowing to the other executive members and the general membership of the local body.
Cochrane, who does not sit on the NOC executive body, said that the president is desperate because the recommendations contained in the email contradict his earlier rulings on pivotal matters pertaining to the pending elections.
“… the road map that’s prescribed by IOC and PASO is not considered to be favourable to the president and I will say no more. I haven’t seen the minutes of the meeting they [NOC executive members] had but what I think is unfortunate now for our sports, is that two ministers of government sit on the executive of the NOC, very unfortunate,” he said.
Reports are that the IOC/PASO committee had recommended that nominations for the election be reopened and that the fencing federation be allowed to solve their internal issues without intervention from the local NOC.
Greene, when contacted, refused to speak on the matter and has also declined an invitation to address the issues publicly on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show.

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