NOC head reveals new initiative to keep coaches sharp

President of the NOC, EP Chet Greene
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By Neto Baptiste 

Coaches spanning several disciplines here in Antigua and Barbuda stand to benefit from a new initiative to be launched by the National Olympic Committee (NOC). 

This is according to President of the NOC, EP Chet Greene, who recently revealed that the programme will seek to “retool” a number of the country’s coaches in athletics and a host of other disciplines in an effort to ensure that all coaches are in tune with the latest techniques and information. 

“The NOC will offer coaches, through our soon to be rolled out initiative, an opportunity to retool, an initiative once again, funded in concert with this development [YASCO] to ensure that the cadre of coaches for not only athletics but sports in general in this country, come along the development curb to allow for Antigua and Barbuda’s athletes to be trained by coaches who are, in themselves trained, consistent with new international norms and standards,” he said. 

His statement comes on the heels of a new surface being installed at the YASCO Sports Complex where, once the certification process is concluded, athletes would be able to have their times and or distances internationally recognised. 

Greene called specifically on the track coaches to raise their standards in an effort to produce more competitive athletes. 

“It cannot be that you continue the age-old habits of fighting and undermining each other and I am being very deliberate. I am not about to cast new wine into old skin, I am asking that we raise out game and change our emo. We don’t just want to have athlete participating, we want to have our athletes competing,” he said. 

Greene, a former sports minister who is now the country’s foreign affairs minister, did not say when the initiative will start and which coaches will be targeted first. 

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