NOC Elections postponed

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The National Olympic Committee (NOC) Elections were postponed on Wednesday night.
The reason for the postponement was given as the alleged fraudulent nomination of Neil Cochrane to vie for the post of president by Kelesha Antoine, president of the Fencing Federation.
In speaking with OBSERVER media, President of the NOC, E.P. Chet Greene stated that he could not allow the illegal and immoral action to go on as some members wanted him to allow Antoine to participate as the delegate for Fencing.
There is no clear date of when the elections will occur as the focus will now turn into a full investigation by the NOC’s Disciplinary Committee into the actions of Antoine.
If she is found guilty the committee will also give its ruling on how she should be disciplined.
The Minister of Sports then proceeded to thank those member associations for coming out and tipped his hat to those who agreed with his actions.
Greene then apologised for the behaviour of some members.
He expressed pride in his actions and urged his audience to help him in his effort.
“I am very proud as minister and chair of the board to have stood up for the side of right and I will see that the standard of sports in the country be raised to a fair, truthful and moral entity and I am calling on the country to help raise it.”

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