No verdict on Gardner expulsion

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The decision on whether national tennis player, Kevin Gardner, will be barred from the Antigua and Barbuda Tennis Association has not yet been made despite the six-week indication that was made by the ABTA.
This is according to Public Relations Officer of the ABTA, Dianne Hillhouse, who spoke on the Good Morning JoJo show earlier this week.
“That situation is still pending, it has not been finalised as yet. The person actually dealing with that whole situation is our general secretary, Peter Quinn, who is mandated to deal with issues like that but it’s being handled and once a final decision is made then we will notify all the parties involved.”
Gardner received a letter dated July 21 notifying him he had one week to withdraw from the association.
It also stated that failure to comply would result in him facing expulsion where his membership will be reviewed at an Extraordinary General Meeting in which a vote will be taken six weeks after the date of the letter.
Withdrawing himself as a member of the association would mean that Gardner would no longer be able to play at tournaments under the Antigua and Barbuda flag and would no longer be eligible for national selection.
The athlete has however indicated he will not withdraw from the association.
This matter stems from the latest Davis Cup incident where Gardner and President of the Association, Cordell Williams Sr. got into a dispute after it was discovered that during a team meeting in Cost Rica, Gardner recorded the proceedings without the consent of the other individuals present.
   Williams Sr. was the captain of the team.

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