No set timeline for work to begin at JSC

2 0312 court
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There is still no specific timeline given for when the flooring at the JSC Sports Complex will be completed.

While consultations have been held to figure out the best option for the matting, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA) Michael Freeland explained during a recent appearance on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show that once work begins it will not be time consuming.

“The work will start once the framers indicate their availability because we are using the ministries to help us with that, but once the timeline is given from them, if they say they can come on Thursday or Friday, taking up the two ends of the court is just a day, half a day even. So, you can always take up an end of one side, begin the framing and while they are doing the framing you take up the other side and that can be done in a day; so it is just the timing of the availability of the framers.

“We have already earmarked the lifting. We have the replacement parts in storage that is just to transport. They are heavy boxes so we will have to use a crane,” Freeland explained.

Last month, the ABBA executive made the decision to stop playing games at the complex due to the instability of the flooring.

On numerous occasions, some pieces of the matting which was laid out over four years ago have risen up causing players to slide and receive minor injuries.

Division two games were then moved to Ovals while the executive worked on trying to rectify the matter.

Regular season games for Division two are expected to finish on Monday while a league championship game will be played on Wednesday.

A third-place match will also be played that night.

Following those games, the playoffs will begin.

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