No political affiliation says King Zacari

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The 2017 calypso monarch, King Zacari, says he has no allegiance to any political party.
He says that everyone, including himself, has an affiliation to some political party, however he refuses to sit by and watch the people of Antigua and Barbuda suffer, and say nothing.
I have no loyalty to a political party. When your party is going down the wrong road it’s up to you to steer them back. Because I’m not here to offend, but to defend my people and my country, and I cannot sit here in no comfortable corner and watch people suffer. It cannot happen,” the reigning monarch said.
Zacari says that he knows that he has offended a few people through the lyrics of his music, but he has no intention of changing his style.
“I must apologise to all who feel offended by the lyrical content of my songs over the years, but it’s not something that I would not do again.  And I am not going to go and support no party and people suffering. This is why a lot of political affiliates have a qualm with me,” he says.
Zacari pointed out that he has been in the practice of singing what he deems is right for a number of years.
“I’ve sung Principals of a Patriot during the reign of Papa V.C., I’ve sung many songs during the reign of Sir Lester, I’ve sung All is Not Well during the reign of former prime minister Baldwin Spencer, and I’ve sung songs during the reign of my good villager and buddy, Mr. Browne. This is how I am,” he noted.
Meantime, the monarch, who dethroned his daughter, Queen Thalia, in 2017, says that he does not see the upcoming calypso finals as a competition against his daughter, but he will be putting his best foot forward.
“I’m not competing against my daughter; my daughter might be competing against me. Because, so she knows that, if she happens to surface at the top, then she beat daddy. But to say competing against her, it is only an envious parent who compares [himself] or herself to a child or children and I am not envious like that,” Zacari says.
The other calypso finalists are, Douglas, King Bear, King Fiah, Sage, Black Mahdi, Queen Althea, Queen Gee Bee and Stumpy.
The calypso monarch competition will be held on Friday August 3, at Carnival City.

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