No firm word on probe into land-grabbing civil servant

It is currently unclear as to what will become of allegations that a senior official in the Ministry of Agriculture circumvented established processes to acquire more than 30 parcels of land for himself and his relatives.

Sources in the Ministry of Agriculture claim that in addition to the land grab, two parcels of 50 acres each were leased to the individual.

The sources say the individual was able to acquire the lease for the two parcel of 50 acres property although the lands are located in the middle of areas earmarked for government-approved projects.

The details of the alleged skullduggery also include reports that the individual set up two dummy companies through which he acquired the leases, compelling the developers of the government-approved projects to negotiate with him.

Additionally, it is alleged that within six weeks of purchasing a plot of land in the Coolidge area, the senior civil servant resold it for six times the original price.

There are also reports making the rounds that a probe is underway, but all the Observer could get from the Office of the Attorney General was a nebulous confirmation that the process and instructions given are under scrutiny rather than an investigation into any wrong-doing by the individual.