No favouritism in police promotion says snr. officer

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All high ranking officer within the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Baruda has shut down claims that officers who are more inclined to do the bidding of a policitian are the ones who are being promoted.
Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) D Gisele Isaac made the assertion yesterday.
“I look at my own case and I see those persons who were Sergeants and Senior Sergeants a year and a half ago are now up to the rank of Inspectors and so on,” Issac said.
She also questioned the thought process that led to the promotion and the criteria under which it was done.
However, Assistant Commissoner of Police Atlee Rodney  acknowldged that the force is undergoing a transition period were a number of senior officers have retired and promotions are being made to fill that gap.
“For 2017 alone we are losing 18 officers, 2018 we will lose 16, in 2020 we are going to lose about 14 of them. Mandatory retirement is 60 years,” the senior officer said.
Isaac also suggested that the complaint is also coming from within the polcie force.
Earlier this year, 55 officers were promoted, bringing the number of promotions in the past two years to over 400.
Commissioner of Police Wendel Robinson said, then, the vacancies ranged from Corporal to Deputy Commissioner and many existed as far back as 2006 – during the tenure of four commissioners who preceded him – Delano Christopher, Gary Nelson, Thomas Bennett and Vere Browne.

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