No election date just yet for NOC

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President of the National Olympic Committee (NOC), EP Chet Greene said that a date will not be identified for the body’s general election until its books have been completely audited.
Greene, also the country’s Minister of Sports, made the announcement after being pressed as to why a date is yet to be identified for the anticipated elections which is said to be constitutionally due by December 31 this year.
“That is the exact reason or the sole reason why the election date has not been announced. The books are with the auditors as they complete their work in auditing the NOC finances and I have said that publicly before, that as soon as we receive those from the auditors, the date will be announced,” he said.
At least two potential candidates have expressed an interest in contesting the elections. President of the Antigua & Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA) Daryl Matthew, and President of the Antigua & Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA) Everton Cornelius, have both expressed an interest in leading the NOC.
Greene also debunked reports that he has distanced himself from the running of the body until elections are held, and reiterated that he will not be seeking re-election.
“There is no date set for the NOC elections; the NOC elections are constitutionally due by the 31st of December; and I cannot recuse myself from the activities of the NOC if I am the president or while I am the president,” he said.
“I have not made any such announcement [that I have reconsidered my decision not to contest the pending election] so my announcement to the public that I will not seek re-election, that stands,” he added.
The NOC has been shrouded in controversy over the past year with allegations of mismanagement and an alleged ticketing scandal in which the NOC was accused of attempting to sell tickets to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, using an unauthorised agent.

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