No Date for Handing-over Ceremony

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An exact date when the Grays Green indoor facility will be handed over to the government is still up in the air.
The ceremony, as indicated by the Minister of Sports Daryll Matthew, was initially scheduled to take place during the Independence celebrations, but will however be set back due to an electrical issue in the building. 
Matthew, who spoke last week on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show went into detail on the matter.
“We wanted to do it some time around the Independence Day celebrations, but what the Chinese have said is that it needs to be signed off by Public Works first of all. The work is substantially done, but it needs to be signed off and the signing off is being delayed because the power isn’t connected to the building yet and what Public Works is saying is that they need to have the electricity connected so that they can do a full run through . . . and there is a transformer that needs to be connected that they are waiting on to do that.”
The former Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA) president indicated that the Ministry will appoint a management team to deal with the daily running of the complex.
“Just like the stadium is managed by the Ministry, so a management team will be put in place down there to manage the facility for persons who may want to book and what not to use it; they will be given the opportunity to do so, and I just want to remind persons that it is not just a basketball court but a full complex with conference rooms and so that is why we are putting that management team down there.”
“One of the things I have tried to steer away from is to get too much into deep discussions about the basketball court because that seems to be the only thing that people associate the complex with, but that is one small part of the overall purpose of the complex.
 “As recently as earlier this week [last week] I have had discussions with the chief architect, Mr. Wesley James, who was responsible for really managing the project, about how we can do some remedial work to bring it closer to what we are looking for and so things like the basketball rims that are planted in the ground can be removed [to accommodate all sports].”

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