No creative enrichment for UPP government officials – Lovell

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Should it win the March 21 general election, members of a United Progressive Party (UPP) administration will not be allowed to be in private business while serving in public office.
That’s according to the party’s political leader and prime ministerial candidate Harold Lovell who was addressing a rally on Sunday in Potters Village.
“Under my leadership, politics is about service and sacrifice. We don’t have a problem with business because we’re gonna be business-friendly. We’re gonna help people to get into business. And we’re gonna help people in business to be successful.
“But choose ye this day who you’re gonna serve. Are you gonna serve the people or are you gonna serve your personal interest? If you want to be in business and serve your personal interest, we will help you, but come out of government and we will help you to be successful in business out of government,” Lovell declared.
The UPP leader’s remarks were a not-too-veiled potshot at Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s 2016 statement that he did not have a problem with his ministers finding creative, but legitimate, ways of enriching themselves while in government.
According to Lovell, people these days believe politics is “a hustle” to make money.
He and his fellow UPP candidates stood on stage and recited a pledge to work for all Antiguans and Barbudans “with the highest public integrity.”
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