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No change to school plant reopening

There has been no change to the status quo on the reopening of schools across the island although the Covid-19 infection rate continues to decline.

According to information on this week’s covid dashboards, cases dropped from 671 on Monday, 18, October to 596 on October, 20.

However, primary school plants remain closed while secondary schools continue to hold face-to-face learning under special circumstances.

For the remainder of the school term and thereafter, secondary schools will only be allowed to offer face-to-face instruction only if teachers and students are fully vaccinated.

Unvaccinated teachers and students must present an approved exemption from the appropriate authority before they are permitted to conduct face to face instruction.

Meanwhile, all restaurants offering dining-in services are required to have all staff fully vaccinated and can only permit entry to customers who are fully vaccinated as well. Restaurants are to request evidence that those persons are vaccinated.

Picnics and clustering at the beach remain strictly prohibited at this time and will likely end when more people are vaccinated, the Cabinet notes read.



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