No chance of a Parish League return, says organiser

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By Neto Baptiste

Parish League may not have issued an official release announcing the cancelation of its 2020 domestic season but according to one of the body’s key figures, Mark Charles, there is little to no chance of resumption at this time.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Charles said that too much time has elapsed since the competition was stopped in March.

“Not in terms of word and writing, but I believe that up to now it does appear so because now we are in August and it would have officially ended around the 28th of July or around that last weekend in July, just before Carnival we would sum it up with Thursday League and all of that stuff,” he said.

In March, the country’s sports ministry instructed all sports associations to halt ongoing competitions after the country recorded its first case of the coronavirus.

According to Charles, there is still uncertainty as to whether or not there will be a new season.

“The government has not given anybody the okay for any sort of cricket and we just can’t jump up and say look, we are going to have a league. So even though every week we get the call to find out what is Parish League doing and aren’t we going to have anything, as it stands now, we are not going to do anything simply because of what is in place right now so we have to respect that,” he said.

The government has not yet given the all clear for the resumption of sporting competitions but has eased restrictions by allowing teams to engage in training and social activities.

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