No Cause For Alarm: Cornelius Says Water On Track Not Uncommon

A section of the 100 meters stretch where water has settled following rain
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By Neto Baptiste

The settling of water on several areas of the newly resurfaced YASCO Sports Complex has recently caught the attention of some people who have raised alarm over the occurrence.

Water could be seen in what could only be described as several puddles on the surface of the track following moderate to heavy downpours, and has left some questioning the quality of the work done at the facility which was outfitted with a new Mondo surface and certified by World athletics just last year.

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Athletics Association (ABAA) Everton Cornelius, has however sought to assure that the occurrence is normal and happens on even some international tracks.

“It’s something that I see on just about every track that we’ve had because you’re not going to get a smooth surface. I go to the World Championships, rain comes and water settles on certain areas of the track and you have to go and push the water off the track; you go to a lot of meets and see these things happen. I won’t say it would hamper anything at this moment in time because the track is properly sealed and everything and all you have to do is get the water off the surface,” he said. 

Cornelius, a former athlete and one of the main driving forces behind the move to acquire a new surface for the facility, said the issue is not one that will change the track’s Class 2 certification.

“The track is already certified so that has nothing to do with it. The certification of the track is done and over with. If there is any problem, like if we have a hurricane and the track gets damaged, then we have warranties and guarantees on the track via Mondo and whatever it may be we just call them back and they will come in and do the resurfacing or whatever repair,” he said.

A total of $1,411,862 (one million, four hundred and 11 thousand, eight hundred and sixty-two dollars) has been budgeted for the completion of the facility.

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