No beach liming on Labour Day – police warn

Many people will be looking forward to heading to beautiful Half Moon Bay tomorrow – a regular ‘world’s best beach’ nominee. (Photo by Edwin Gifford)
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Police have stepped up patrols of the nation’s hundreds of beaches to ensure strict compliance over the Labour Day weekend.

Today may be a public holiday but beaches remain a no-go zone until tomorrow.

They reopen to the public as of 6am Tuesday morning and can be visited for a “therapeutic purpose” from 6am to 6pm on weekdays only under the current lockdown restrictions.

The move has been welcomed by many of those wishing to bathe or exercise. But residents are being reminded that gatherings of any kind are still strictly prohibited as the country battles on to stem the coronavirus spread.

No more than two people from the same household will be allowed on any beach during the allotted time. Beach picnics and food in general, along with music, are also banned for now.

Boat owners wishing to get out on the water may do so only for fishing, not leisure. No more than five people – sitting six feet apart – should be on board.

“Any form of loitering, liming or sightseeing is strictly prohibited,” a statement from the police communication’s arm said.

“The public is further reminded that only two persons from the same household should be seen travelling in the same vehicle at any given time.

“The social distancing guidelines must always be followed, and the mandatory wearing of masks in public is expected to be adhered to.”

The statement added, “The police administration wishes everyone an enjoyable and incident-free Labour Day weekend, and trusts all efforts will be made to stay safe and be protected from the coronavirus.”

Current curfew restrictions remain in place until May 14.

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