No backsliding

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It is with some consternation that we note that Covid-19 cases are on the rise worldwide. We have been consistent in these pages in calling for the strictest adherence to the the safety protocols that have kept us relatively safe thus far. We have also decried the laissez faire attitudethat is quite evident around ourfairState. At times, it almost appears as though we are taking this thing as a joke. Folks, Covid-19 is not something with which we can play ‘footsie.’ Notwithstanding the fact that we’ve only had three deaths, this monster is still a very clear and present danger. Just ask the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and many members of his inner circle, who came down with the virus just over a week ago. Clearly, Covid is no respecter of persons, not even the wilfully ignorant. Last we checked, global deaths now stand at 1,070,361, out of a total of 37,016,889 infections, with no end in sight. In fact, WHO has gloomily predicted that it could be at least five years before we get this Covid thing under control; and there is the real possibility that the virus “may never go away.”

Yesterday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced a record one-day rise in global cases.  It also said that there was an alarming surge of cases in Europe.  Europe is now right up there at the top of the Covid infections list with India, Brazil and the United States. The United Kingdom is also seeing a coronavirus resurgence, as are Spain, France and Germany.

A glance at some of the headlines around the world is proof positive that Covid-19 is still an intractable foe. For example, US News recently declared, EUROPEAN COUNTRIES FACE CORONAVIRUS RESURGENCE. The BBC had a headline that read, MANY COUNTRIES SUCCESSFUL IN COVID FIGHT SEEING RESURGENCE. The Asia Times had this one: NATIONS REOPEN AS RESURGENT VIRUS STALKS GLOBE. The Wall Street Journal blared, SPAIN CAUGHT OFF-GUARD BY RESURGENT CORONAVIRUS, and the BBC just reported that the government there has re-imposed a state of emergency on Madrid, the capital. The Moscow Times recently had this headline: “WE’RE OUT OF BEDS”: RUSSIA’S RESURGENT CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK, and the BBC ran with this story: CORONAVIRUS: CASES IN NORTH OF ENGLAND ‘GETTING OUT OF CONTROL,’ MINISTER SAYS. And so it goes . . . Disturbing headlines indeed!

Even here in the Caribbean, we are seeing rising numbers, especially in the Dominican Republic with the highest total – over 106,000 infections and 2,022 deaths. The Bahamas has had to re-impose tough measures amid big daily increases, as has Jamaica. Even here in our fair State we are seeing a drip, drip of new cases. On Thursday evening, we heard of another 3 cases that brought our total number of infections to 111. It is clear that we cannot let up.

The strict safety protocols must be adhered to – vigorous and frequent hand-washing, avoiding touching one’s face, practicing good cough and sneeze etiquette, observing good social distancing, wearing masks, and so on and so forth. The police need to step up patrols and break up the many basketball and football games that we are observing on the nation’s playgrounds. The card and domino games at hang-out spots in the various communities should also be monitored to ensure that there aren’t too many people in one gathering, and that they are all wearing masks. The temperature checks at public places also ought not to be forsaken.

Let us continue practicing good personal responsibility by boosting our immune systems, getting as much sleep as possible, gargling regularly, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, doing exercises, and those sorts of things. These were the measures that we were adhering to, with great effect, back in March and April and June. We were terrified then, but the low infection numbers and the stable death figure has given us a sense of complacency, and we are now straying from the old paths and the old landmarks, so to speak. Let us not backslide at this time. As we are so very fond of saying here at NEWSCO, “It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings,” and word is that she has not yet warmed up her legendary soprano.

When the numbers in France began to creep back up, officials there began to question what the hell happened? We suggest that the French people began to relax, perhaps a bit too much. Folks, let us be guided accordingly.

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