Nibbs says gov't should consider adjusting closed season for lobster

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Fisheries Minister Arthur Nibbs says he’s willing to consider asking the government to modify the closed season on lobster to help Barbudans.
Nibbs says some of the sister isle have approached him arguing that Barbuda’s Caribana falls in the closed season – a time when many visitors would enjoy the delicacy.
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Nibbs was speaking to OBSERVER media this morning. Our newsroom initially reached out for his view on those who continue to sell lobster during the closed season.
Nibbs says so long as the law on the books prohibits the fishing and sale of lobster, it must be observed.
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Posts have been circulating on Facebook about a restaurant that was serving lobster yesterday, even though the closed season began the same day.
The closed season ends on the 30 th of June. Caribana usually happens at the beginning of June and last year lobster was available at select spots.
Nibbs says there is no double standard for the sister isle.
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Minister of Fisheries Arthur Nibbs.

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