Newly elected Int’l VP of JCI board says new role will only enhance her national duties

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By Carlena Knight

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Antigua Senator, Shenella Govia, who was elected to the position of International Vice President on the 2020 JCI Board, said that her new role will not take away from her present position as a government senator, but will instead help to sharpen her skills in both realms. 

During the elections in Estonia, last week, Govia was selected to represent JCI USA, JCI Canada, JCI De La Ciudad de Panamá, and JCI Dominican Republic.

Her responsibilities will include visiting her assigned countries, conducting training, promoting the JCI mission and vision, as well as motivating the respective JCI national organisations.

“I have never shied away from my responsibilities as a Member of Parliament but I believe in diversity and I believe in multitasking. I ensure that I do my work. I leave work if I have to at six, seven, eight, nine, 10 o’clock in the night so that I can ensure that I not only focus on JCI but I also have a responsibility,” said Govia, who returned home on Sunday was featured on OBSERVER AM yesterday.

 “JCI has continued to provide opportunities for me because what I learn in JCI, I can then use the necessary training in my work life and what I learn at work, I can also bring forward to JCI. I just ensure that I manage my time properly…but technology is so advanced that I can communicate and it would not take away from my responsibilities. Everyone who knows me knows that I love my job.”

Govia also shared her emotional experience of being greeted by her JCI Antigua family on her return to the island on Sunday.

“I am still trying to put my words together for me, it really showed the love and camaraderie that JCI has. When I came off the aircraft and then I exited the arrivals lounge, I was welcomed by a delegation of JCI Antigua family making loud noises, waving their flags and for me that made me feel even more appreciated and even more loved and special,” she added.

A delegation of six persons including JCI Antigua President, Tammie Gage, attended the Congress – along with two members from Barbados, including the National President of JCI West Indies, Khaleid Holder.

Govia became the second Antiguan to be elected as an executive member on the International Board of the JCI, the first being Senator Donna Francis who attained that distinction in 2011.

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