PRESS RELEASE: Newly Appointed Minister of Tourism Focuses on the Youth.

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Newly appointed Minister of Tourism, the Hon. Max Fernandez has hit the ground running in charting the way forward for the continued development of the industry. The Hon. Minister has concurs that the multi-faceted industry relies heavily on the corporation of all stakeholders from the smallest of roles to the most cumbersome. The early identification and development of these roles is key to the overall success of the industry and thus the Hon. Minister found it necessary to make an impromptu visit to the Multi-purpose Cultural Center to witness first –hand the training of the Tourism Cadet Corp.
The group of approximately one hundred students from various secondary schools across the island was officially introduced to the Hon. Minister who took the opportunity to highlight to the students how important their training in the very important sector is.
Minister Fernandez urged the cadets to love and appreciate their country though a demonstration of cleanliness, respect for the environment, maintenance of our historical sites and the delivery of excellent quality service at all times. He said the key was to do these things first for themselves after which these practices will become common place and extend on to our visitors.
The Hon. Minister of Tourism noted that the Tourism Cadet Corp is the best avenue through which these skills and much more pertaining to the industry and how it works to our country’s benefit can be cultured.

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