Newcomer sets sights on UPP’s leadership

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Senator Richard Lewis has his sights set on the leadership of the United Progressive Party (UPP).
Lewis, who tried his hand unsuccessfully at the General Elections in March submitted a letter to the UPP’s constituencies branches two weeks ago signaling his intentions.
He told OBSERVER media that he would have to get past the nomination process.
“We have 16 units, I have delivered to 15 of the 16, but, all 16 are aware. Then there will be a nomination process, if you are nominated then you can take part. I can write and the 16 can decide not to nominate, so if I am not nominated then I cannot participate in the process,” Lewis said.
At the time he spoke with our newsroom, Richards did not wish to disclose why he was vying for the UPP leadership.
Lewis, an educator and I.T. consultant, said he has been a member of the UPP for over 15 years.
If he gets the nod, he would be on the ballot when the party holds internal elections at its upcoming convention, whenever it is held.
In the March general elections, Lewis lost in the St. John’s Rural West constituency to Londell Benjamin by 184 votes.
Meanwhile, the Public Relations Officer for UPP Damani Tabor said that the party is expected to elect its executive during the convention.
The confirmation came almost a day after Senator Lewis announced his intention to vie for the party’s leadership.
However, even with his announcement, there is still uncertainty concerning the future of the present leader of the party Harold Lovell, who has remained tight-lipped on the matter and whose resignation as political leader was rejected last evening.
In a recent interview on OBSERVER AM Lovell did not reveal whether he will be contesting the leadership of the party. He was declared the party’s political leader on May 17, 2015.

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