New UPP executive to be elected Sunday

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The executive committee to lead the United Progressive Party (UPP) into the next general election will be revealed on Sunday during the party’s convention.

When it comes to candidates for the various positions, the battle for party leadership is too close to call between the incumbent Harold Lovell and his lone challenger Richard Lewis, the Senate Minority Leader.

Lewis, who spoke with our newsroom yesterday, said no matter which candidate is elected the UPP will be in good hands.

 “This is an internal battle and whichever way it goes the UPP will be stronger and better for it, and we will all come out united,” he said.

Another key position to be selected is that of party chairman, which being is contested by Public Relations Officer Damani Tabor and current UPP Chairperson D. Gisele Isaac.

Speaking on Observer AM yesterday, Tabor also listed the other positions being contested, which include Vice Chairperson, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Education Officer, Labour Relations Officer, Elections Officer, Welfare Officers, Field Officer, Mobilization Officer and Members-at-Large.

He said that whoever is elected will determine how the party develops its strategy to regain voters’ confidence in the next general election.

 “But, ultimately, the direction that the party is chartered with would largely be determined by who the delegates – who represent their branches and communities – select to comprise the new executive,” Tabor said.

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