New UPP candidates selected for next general elections

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The opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) has confirmed two new candidates to run in the next general elections constitutionally due in 2019.
Kyron Simon was elected on Monday night during the St John’s Rural South primary, beating his opponent Gladys Potter 31 – 19. He says his constituents should trust his experience.

He says his level of political experience is what sets him apart from his competition.

Simon hints at plans to begin campaigning for the next general elections.

Simon believes he is the change that the people of St John’s Rural South are looking for.

That’s the new UPP candidate for St John’s Rural South, Kyron Simon.
Meanwhile, Gregory “Driftwood” Athill is the new UPP candidate for St Paul’s constituency.

No one contested Athill’s nomination and he thanks the people of St Paul’s for their support on OBSERVER’s Snakepit programme.

Gregory “Driftwood” Athill.

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