New traffic regulations coming soon

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The government is two months away from taking legislation to parliament that would make use of a cellular phone while driving a punishable offence.
Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, the attorney general, told OBSERVER media yesterday that the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has made recommendations and the government will be seriously considering putting them into law.
“Reports have been made to police by many drivers that persons appear to be distracted when they are driving. The traffic police are very concerned about the numerous complaints they have had. When people use their cellular phone on the road they become less attentive,” he said.
Benjamin said that there have also been numerous reports that cell phone use while driving has caused traffic collisions, and he said this practice must be curtailed.
“We are going to take action to prevent these things from happening. These legislations are now being tweaked and once I am satisfied that they are okay then I will be bringing them to parliament,” the attorney general said.
The new legislation would amend the existing Traffic Law.
For years, the Antigua and Barbuda Road Safety Group (ABRSG) has been calling on the government to enact laws that would punish motorists who do not adhere to the best practices on the roads.
The group had been lobbying for, among other things, the imposition of penalties for the use of cell phones while driving, breathalyser tests for drivers suspected of driving under the influence and the introduction of a graduating driving licensing system for new drivers.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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