New strategies to address criminal activity

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By Latrishka Thomas

The Minister of Public Safety, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin, met with the heads of the Police Force and the Police Service Commission to address the recent spate of crime.

The Minister said, coming out of that very important meeting, a blueprint for eradicating the scourge of criminal activity was laid out.

He said the security officials “discussed many strategies going forward, all intended to address the growing incidence of unease in the community.”

“We recognise that although our country enjoys the lowest level of crime in the sub-region, that we must make certain that we are proactive in taking steps to curb the growing trends of unease in this regard. The strategy has been prepared and will be implemented shortly to address all concerns and incidents where there appears to be a rise in criminal activity,” he continued.

Though he was unable to disclose any of the strategies at the time, Benjamin said he was quite satisfied and believes “that once these strategies are implemented, that all of these instances of crime arising all over Antigua and Barbuda will dissipate immediately.

“They will be arrested and stopped and people will live in peace and tranquility knowing that they are well protected.”

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